My Lip Filler Experience with Sonria Dental

Tuesday, 1 May 2018
SO after years of debating whether to do it or not, I finally bit the bullet and got lip fillers. Despite the fact that everyone and their aunties cat told me not too and that I didn't need them. They were right I didn't need them but I wanted them for so long and sometimes you've just got to do these things for yourself, and I am so so glad I did! It's also saved me time as I don't have to spend ages overlining my lips every day haha. I compiled a Q&A of all your questions on Instagram so keep reading if you want to find out more :)

Here is my before & after picture;

People have this perception of lip filler that they will look like huge balloon lips and fake as hell, but actually, if you get them done properly they look really natural. That's why I love mine because if you didn't know me, it would be hard to tell if I've actually had them done!

Practice Review

I cannot express enough how happy I am I went to Sonria dental, all the team were so incredibly lovely and made me feel really comfortable, they are a family run business so I feel you can really tell they care about the service they give. Sepi did my consultation, procedure and aftercare, she is so funny and laidback so instantly glad she was doing mine, she also had her lips done and they looked so good and natural. They really worked with me to help me achieve the look I want so I couldn't recommend them enough!

I also have a discount code for you guys, 20% any full price service on the website!

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- Cheek fillers
- Hygienist
- Intravenous Therapies

Questions & Answers

1. Does it hurt?

This is probably my most asked question and I think the main reason why people are put off. I mean the thought of a needle going into your face isn't exactly pleasant haha. I am a huge wuss, literally, my knees were shaking as I walked into the practice! The procedure was ABSOLUTELY fine it felt like a small pinprick especially as you have numbing cream on before. I actually felt a bit silly after for overreacting.
I will say the next few days after were a bit painful (this varies person to person) for me personally as mine swelled up and bruised. The second day is always the worst as they swell up so big, I had to go to work and talk in a meeting which was a funny experience, to say the least, I also couldn't smile so had everyone asking me if I was okay every 5 mins haha. I'd suggest taking the next day off to recover!

All completely bearable and I'd do it again 10x over :)

Swelling the next day:

2. How do they carry out the procedure?

You first go in for a consultation where they help you identify the best place for the filler to go and talk through any concerns. Sepi and I  decided it was best for me to get most the filler in my top lip to balance it out with the bottom, as well as in the sides as that's where I was lacking in volume.

Numbing cream is then applied, 10 minutes where you look incredibly attractive & feel like your dribbling but you're not LOL.

The filler is then injected in small doses, this is good as you see results straight away so can discuss whether you want more in a certain area.

2. How much does it cost?

Lip fillers at Sonria Dental cost £350.

But only £280 with my 20% off discount code WOO!

3. How long do results last?

This varies from person to person but can be from about 4 months to a whole year.

4. How much did you have put in?

1ml which was mainly distributed into the top lip, with a small amount in the bottom.

5. What filler did you use?

Restylane, it won filler of the year last year! However Juvaderm is also a popular option.

Final Result:


If you are considering getting any type of cosmetic surgery, please look into the place you are getting it done. Make sure they are legit doctors and have a license for these procedures and read their reviews. Always go in for a consultation before your procedure, this way you can get a feel of the place and they can answer any of your questions.

Also, I know I sound like a hypocrite but you really do not need any kind of surgery to be 'beautiful', I honestly think unless you are happy/confident in yourself before, having bigger lips won't change that overnight. Confidence comes from within. This is just something I've always wanted to do not because I hated my lips before. At the same time if you want to get something done don't let other people's opinions stop you!

Thanks for reading,
Sadie xoxo

*This blog post was in collaboration with Sonria Dental clinic*

3 Ways To Style Wide Leg Trousers

Sunday, 29 October 2017
For the girl who's wardrobe consists of tight figure hugging clothes (and lots of pyjamas) wide leg trousers were an absolute no go! Especially at only 5 foot 3 anything long and baggy had me running for the hills (or as far as my little legs could take me). However I'm always up for trying new things with fashion and I've become tired of the same old pair of black jeans. So off I trundled to the nearest Bershka to hunt down some wide leg trousers that didn't make me resemble a small tent. My, my I was pleasantly surprised by a beautiful monochrome thin striped pair and for only £20! The best part is how versatile they are, adaptable to an evening look, work and even comfy enough to just chill around the house in. I am definitely converted from a jeans to a trouser girl now and I couldn't wait to do a post on how I style them.

Please excuse the fact I look like Wednesday Addams when she's grown up... I tried to be edgy and autumnal but it turned out to be quite gothic. Kinda like it though.

Bardot Blazer

Bardot Blazer- Missguided £40   Buy Similiar Here

Femme Fatale Lipstick- Smashbox- £17

Structured Tailoring

Anything Cropped

The beauty of high waist trousers is that they literally hide everything! If you're having a bloated day just shove a pair of these on and no one will ever know, also perfect for going to an all you can eat restaurant. It's a win, win.They look stylish and are great for hiding that extra portion of fried rice! Wear with a baggy crop top for those more casual days, it'll only show the smallest part of your waist making the outfit ultra flattering. 

Crop Slogan Tee- Bershka- £4.99     Buy Similiar Here

Leather Jacket-Zara- £49.99    Buy Similiar Here

Until next time, 
Sadie xoxo